Base Camp

We have provision for children at every 10.30am service. Base camp is held weekly in the Lady Chapel at the back of church. It is for children aged 4-11 years, though sometimes we have some older helpers. A typical Base Camp session involves a craft, a story, and sometimes a game. Children start in the main service (where new children will need to register) and make their way to the Lady Chapel during the first hymn. We normally have two helpers in accordance with our safeguarding policy which includes DBS checking and training. Parents and carers are welcome to accompany their children or to remain in the main service. 

At the end of the service children return for a blessing and they briefly share what they have been up to - they ususally get a rousing round of applause. 

Please note that on the first Sunday of the month all of us worship together in our Family Service where there are also children-friendly activities - indeed the children often are often an essential ingredient. 

If you would like ot find out more of indeed would like to join the team, please email Pam at

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