Introduction & Services

St Catherine's is a small church building located in the heart of the village in St Catherines Road (map). The Inscription on the roof of St Catherine's has the following text:

"To the honour and glory of God and the earnest hope that it may be a means of blessing to many Melford people. This Mission House is erected in loving remembrance of Catherine Elizabeth Martyn who died June 4th 1882 by her husband the Reverend Charles John Martyn MA Rector of Long Melford and Dean of Sudbury, 1885."

As well as being a fitting memorial to his wife, St Catherine's also made the church more accessible to people who lived at the southern end of the village. Whereas we think nothing of driving to a Supermarket miles away today, in those days many walked to church. St Cathererine's certainly complements Holy Trinity, being right in the heart of the village, being slightly less 'intimidating' and being easier to heat in winter!

Accordingly St Catherine's is active every week whether hosting services, the toddler group, handbells, coffee and cake, Lent lunches, meetings, training sessions, or other activities. Food does seem to feature in most of the events we have here!

St Catherine's is a lovely place to worship, whether for a midweek service or a 9am Sunday ServicePlease note that the services are not weekly - please see the  scrolling calendar on the home page for the next service - you would be very welcome. 





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