Connect Toddler Group

Connect Baby and Toddler group meets at St Catherine's Church between 9am and and 11am every Monday morning during termtime (though we are experimenting with some holiday dates). During the first hour people arrive, have a tea and coffee, there are numerous toys set out for the children, there is usually a craft, and so on. Some time after 10.15am there is a story which is then followed by a song time. 

The sessions are usually indoors however we do use the lovely garden when whether permits. Sometimes we have a 'special' session. For example during our Christmas party Father Christmas joined us. The suggested donation for each session is £1. We  have a safeuarding policy on place for our sessions, however we do ask that parents amd carers are responsible for their children at all times. 

If you would like to find out more or would like to support the team please contanct Pam on

... please drop in even if you cannot make the whole session; you would be very welcome. 





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