4 o'clock Community

(note we are having a break for August 2022 but will be back again at Lawshall Church on the 11th September at 4.00pm with a Cafe Church on the topic of Mental Health, particularly focussing on children and youth.)

The 4 o'clock community meets almost every Sunday at 4.00pm at various churches and locations around our villages for one of the following:

> Informal Worship

> Messy Church

> Forest Church

> Cafe Church

> Socials

We aim to be a community which is easy to join even if you have not even been to church before, or are not sure where you are with God ... and all events are family friendly. That is not to say that we dumb things down - sometimes we tackle some difficult subjects and share how God has met people in the reality of the 'muck and bullets' of life. We have had some fantastic times together in 2022 and hope you can be part of our spiritual journey. 

JOIN US! We are in the process of developing a dedicated website, but have found that communication via WhatsApp has been helpful. You can of course just turn up but if you or have any questions or would like to be added to our WhatsApp group please contact Nicky on 07938 681 319 or chadbrooklightwave@gmail.com.