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Holy Trinity Church is one of the great Suffolk wool churches and was built almost entirely in the 15th century at a time of growing prosperity among the local cloth merchants. It was completed in 1484. The only modern part is the tower, dating from 1903.  Much of the stained glass is medieval, and the Rabbit (Hare) window above the North door symbolizes the Trinity  It  is an Anglican Christian church in  the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich within the Church of England and has served the ancient and beautiful village of Long Melford, near Sudbury in Suffolk, for over five hundred years.  The church stands on a hill at the north end of the village and looks down Hall Street which runs through the village from north to south.

For a more detailed guide to the church and its Medieval Stained Glass please look at the guides available on the Gift shop page.

The church as you see was completed in 1484, the Lady Chapel in 1496, and the Clopton Chapel is from about the same date. The only part of the structure older than that is the five bays of the arcading at the west end of the nave, which are considered on architectural grounds to be about a century earlier, and perhaps the porch (of which more later). The only modern part of the structure is the tower, which dates from 1903 and was built as Long Melford's commemoration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. By any standards it is a great improvement on the brick tower built in 1725. That tower replaced the original, which was destroyed by lightning around 1710, and the present tower was built round it.

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